Meet Haley Maxwell

Age: "I'm over 40—that's all you need to know."

Looks: 5' 11". Unnaturally red hair ("It's henna! That's natural."). Blue eyes. Glasses ("They're reading glasses. I can spot a knock-off handbag three blocks away."), athletic body ("That's not natural. It's from lots of workouts at the gym.").

Occupation: Owner of Leaves of Grass—a bookstore in Hell's Kitchen, NYC that's in danger of closing. Also does freelance graphic design. "That's what pays the bills."

Home: A rent-controlled apartment on 10th Avenue that she inherited from her parents. It's in the same building as Leaves of Grass. "I have a great commute."

Hobbies: Gardening ("I have my own plot in the Hell's Kitchen Community Garden where I grow herbs."), soap making ("Using the herbs I grow.") and reading ("I own a bookstore after all.").

Pets: Her black lab, Socrates—a seeing-eye dog school drop-out. "He's insanely smart—I think that's why he didn't graduate. Being a seeing-eye dog would cut into his nap time."

Relationships: Closest female friend is Maggie ("Please don't call her my BBF—we're a little old for that."). Parents—Alan and Sophie Maxwell, who've retired and moved to Florida. Sammy, the manager of Maxwell's. The other gardeners in The Hell's Kitchen Community Garden ("Read the books if you want to know more about them.") and an ex-boyfriend she refers to as What's-His-Face ("Please. I don't want to talk about him.")

Likes: Old punk rock, good coffee from Nile Deli ("They put cardamom in it."), smart, honest people, black clothes.

Dislikes: Cooking ("Leave it to professionals."), typos on menusor anywhere else, rude people, living on the top floor of a building with no elevator.

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