Free and Easy Newspaper Seedling Pots

I didn’t hoard toilet paper rolls this winter, so I decided to make newspaper pots for my seedlings instead. They’re super easy—although a bit tedious. I recommend listening to an audiobook like Agatha Christie’s Sparkling Cyanide while you make them.

All you need is newspaper, a pair of scissors and a short-necked bottle the size of the pots you want to make. I used an essential oil bottle.

Here's how to do it:

First, cut your newspaper into strips about an inch
or so wider than your desired pot height.
Use double wide sheets.

Next, take a strip and fold one side up
about half an inch and crease it.
Then unfold it.

Now place your bottle on the strip, 
leaving about an inch of newspaper from 
the bottom of the bottle and the neck 
just past the crease you made. 

Roll the bottle all the way to the end.

With the neck of the bottle on a hard surface, 
fold in sides to make the bottom of the pot.

Remove the bottle and fold over the end 
along the crease to form a rim.

Turn the pot upside down and 
tuck one of the flaps into the pot. 
This will make the pot stand 
up better and be more stable.

Fill your pots with soil and plant your seeds. 

I upcycled my used wooden coffee stirrers as markers making my total cost of the project: $0. Leaving me more money for seeds.

When your seedlings are ready to be planted, just dig a hole and put the whole pot into the ground. The newspaper will break down quite quickly.


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