Linear Spin Swirl

I’ve been fascinated  by Spin Swirls since I saw R.O.C. Taiwan’s video on YouTube—which I believe was the first Spin Swirl ever. 

But I wanted to try something other than pouring the soap batter into the corners. And I wanted to use natural colorants. And I wanted it to be simple for my first time.

This—my Linear Spin Swirl—fits all of the above criteria.

I made a one pound batch, stick blended it to a very light trace and added a slurry of olive oil infused with powdered lemongrass and nettle to half.
Next I drew out lines in the bottom of my 6” Silicone Slab Mold from Bramble Berry. Please forgive the bad photo.

It was a very thin layer, but I figured a thinner layer would allow more movement. I spun it around a bit on a lazy Susan, poured a few more lines into areas that had spread out too much, spun it some more, tapped out the air bubbles and tucked it in the oven to force gel. And again, sorry about the bad photo with the camera strap.

I had a bunch of soap batter left, so I did the same thing with my 4" Loaf Mold, but treated it as a slab mold and got two cute dizzy-up-the-girl bars.

The bars from the slab mold are almost too thin to use—but I might embed them into another batch. I like the kinda zebra/wood grain patterns I got.

I’m going to try some other Spin Swirl variations now that I have this one under my belt. I just love the idea of movement.

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