Japanese Pumpkin and Fennel Salt Bars

Anyone who reads Martha Stewart knows there're many different kinds of pumpkins out there. The Japanese Pumpkin or Kobocha is one of them. Martha, of course uses them for cooking and decorating. I turned mine into soapsalt bars actually.

I cut one in half, scooped out the seeds and popped the halves on a cookie sheet and baked them at 350 degrees until they were soft. That took about 20 minutes. I then weighed out what I needed (3 ounces per pound of oils) and pureed it. 

For some reason, I decided to add the salt (a combo of regular sea salt and Himalayan pink) and essential oils (fennel, orange, may chang and just a smidge of ho wood and lime) to the puree. The water from the puree and essential oils dissolved the salt. I think that's why they came out so smooth, but they still have that lotion-like lather salt bars are know for.

The recipe I used was 90% coconut oil and 10% olive oil infused with fennel seeds. 20% superfat.

I still have another pumpkin left. I'm going to attempt to dry out the meat, powder it and infuse it. I doubt Martha ever thought of doing that. 

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