Tomato, Basil and Olive Oil Soap

Soap made with one hundred per cent olive oil—aka Castile since it originated in the Castile region of Spain—is the gentlest soap you can make, but some people find the lather to be somewhat slimy, so I made a batch using tomato puree instead of water. Tomatoes are loaded with sugars that help fluff up the lather.

To make the puree, I stick blended tomatoes then strained out the seeds and skin. Since the tomato contain sugars, I froze the puree into cubes and slowly sprinkled the lye on them to prevent any scorching. And my olive oil was at room temperature.

The batter was a little more orange than red, so I added a tablespoon of Moroccan red clay dissolved in a tablespoon of water at light trace then stick blended it until it was super thick. Then I set it aside to get even thicker.

About 15 minutes later, I started making my ‘tomatoes’—wearing my trusty gloves, of course.  Once I was finished, I lightly dusted them in powdered rosemary for contrast then let them set up overnight.

The next day they got popped into another batch of Castile with basil-infused olive oil scented with basil, lime and black pepper essential oils.

A great soap to use after a long day in the summer sun. Rich, creamy lather without the ‘slime.’ And a good way to use up those excess tomatoes that'll be ripening in the garden.

And it might make a nice gift for any hunky Italians you know.

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  1. Your little "tomatoes" look like pepperoni, when cut. I think this soap would be nice poured into a round silicone cake pan, and then cut into pizza shaped wedges.


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