Meet Detective Frank Randazzo

Name: Detective Francis Michael Randazzo

Age: 45.

Occupation: Undercover Detective in the NYPD. Assigned to Hell’s Kitchen/Times Square a little over a year ago.

Residence: A one bedroom in a pre-war hi-rise in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Originally from: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn—a few blocks from where he lives today. Lived in Staten Island while married (“I hated that—living in Staten Island. The marriage wasn’t so great either.)

Relationships: Divorced for three years (“Not gonna name names—but she was a whack-o.”). Father=Anthony, a retired cop. Mother=Marie, Sisters=Angela and Theresa. “I also got a bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins all over the tri-state area.”
Favorite Possessions: “My undercover cab. It ain’t mine really—belongs to the NYPD—but it’s the greatest way to blend in on the streets of New York. Beats the hell out of the ConEd truck I was assigned last year.” Gold pinkie ring that had been his grandfather’s.

Likes:  Cooking (“When I got the time.”), the Yankees (“Even when they’re losing.”), working out at the Bad Ass Academy (“Best gym in Bay Ridge.”) and old movies.

Dislikes: The mayor of New York (“I don’t think I gotta explain why.”), the Mets, breaking up domestic disputes (“Most dangerous part of the job—I’d rather take down a crazed gunman than deal with a pissed off couple.”), having to wear reading glasses (“It sucks getting old.”)

Favorite Soap that Haley Makes: “I love that olive oil soap with basil and tomatoes. It makes my skin feel soft and it smells great. Who woulda thought homemade soap is better than that stuff in the fancy package I get at Duane Reade?”

A Few Words from Detective Randazzo: “Joyce Costello’s homicide is the first one that I’m investigating in Hell’s Kitchen. This is a safe neighborhood even with that name—it’s mostly just bar fights and larceny here. Things would go a lot smoother if Ms. Maxwell—excuse me—Haley—she doesn’t like being called ‘Ms.’—would just butt out and leave the investigating to me.”

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