Snow Day Goat's Milk Soap

During the recent non-blizzard that shut down the city, I decided to make some goat's milk soap.

I used the stand-by bastille recipe with some olive oil infused with lavender, calendula, hemp seed and oatmeal. I like what oatmeal does to my skin, but I don't like the scratchiness of it, so by infusing it in olive oil, I get the goodness but not the scratch.

Feeling pioneer-ish since we were going through 'the worst snowstorm in recent history,' I melted the coconut oil on my radiator. The average New York City radiator gets so hot, you could probably cook on it. Not that I cook. But it's great for heating oils and for bringing soap to gel. Yet another reason to live in NYC.

The castor oil and olive oil didn't get the radiator treatment. I wanted everything cool to keep the goat's milk from scorching.

The goat's milk itself was frozen into cubes--and instead of using an ice bath to keep it cold as I slowly added the lye, I used snow. There certainly was enough of it around.

And I highly recommend the snow method. It took forever for the goat's milk to melt. No scorching. No discoloration. Just a smooth creamy mixture.

It also took forever for it to trace. But I was in no hurry since the city was under lock-down (New York without cabs or delivery bikes is creepy by the way). This made me think I should try this method with some swirling.

No gelling with this either, I set in on the window sill overnight with the window cracked. In the morning, the loaf slid right out of the mold. Gorgeous and creamy. Can't wait to use it.

Did you do anything fun during the snow day? Curl up under the covers and read a good a book, perhaps? Or make some fabulous soup?


  1. like many things in life, the benefits of the oatmeal outweigh its discomfort. loving your soaps!

    1. Quilty you are just too sweet. And talented. I must share the video you made on the snow day.


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