Meet Natasha

Name: Natasha Gall

Age: "None of your damn business."  

Occupation: Wife and mother. 

Residence: A three-bedroom apartment in Riis Manor, a hi-rise on 46th Street run by the Clinton Affordable Housing Coalition.

Originally from: "None of your business." 

Relationships: Roman, her husband—owner of Hi-Class Limo Service. Two grown children—Channel and Lexus.    

Favorite Possessions: Her very large designer (knock-off) handbag—although nobody can tell which designer it's supposed to be knocking-off. There's a solid foundation of Canal Street Coach, touches of bastardized Gucci hardware, Louis Vuitton-ish straps and a big leather-like tassel trying very hard to be Dolce and Gabbana.  

Hobbies/Other Interests:  Getting mani-pedis. Shopping. Stirring up trouble.

Favorite Soap that Haley Makes:  "I'd never use that crap. Soap should be made in factories where they don't add lye to it."

A Few Words from Natasha: "This was a much nicer neighborhood before Haley moved back. That girl is just plain trash. She has no business having a plot in The Hell's Kitchen Community Garden. That plot belonged to her parents—not her. I'm doing my best to get her kicked out."

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