Haley's Hops and Lavender Essential Oil Blend

Hops flower essential oil is insanely expensive ($18 for 1/8 oz. from Mountain Rose—one of the few places that sells it).

It also doesn't smell that great. It doesn't smell bad, just very…bitter and herbal—almost medicinal.

It's also extremely effective at making you feel relaxed and tranquil—ready for a nice nap or a good night's sleep. One whiff and you're ready for the land of nod. 

And it's the most important ingredient to my Hops and Lavender soap.

So, to help keep down the cost and have a soap that's pleasant on the nose, I use a blend:

.9 oz. lavender essential oil
.1 oz. hops flower essential oil
10 drops lemongrass essential oil

The lemongrass (which is also used as a sedative) really brightens the blend up, but there's still enough hops to pack a sleep-inducing wallop.


  1. So I see in the above blend you gave lemongrass in drops but the others in percentages. Since I am math challenged, how many drops does it take for the lavender and hops essential oils? Thanks so much ;)

  2. Hi Jeanna! The recipe is actually in ounces (oz.) for the hops and essential oils and drops for the lemongrass. I try to make easy--I'm more math challenged than anyone!

  3. The Lavender Essential Oil was initially found by Dr. Rene Gattefosse in the 1920's. He was doing tests in his lab when he committed an error and consumed his hand. thracianoils.com/lavender-oil/


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