Rosehip Soap—With a Recipe

Time for the recipe for my Rosehip Soap—not to be confused with my Bed of Roses Soap which will be coming soon. This soap has been made with a very high percentage of olive oil (I use pomace—it's much cheaper) infused with rosehips that I'd gathered from Joyce Costello's plot of rose bushes. Before she was murdered, of course. I'm not a ghoul.

I'd make a batch every year and to sell at the garden's fundraiser—the Annual Perennial—and Joyce would buy it all up. It's not a particularly pretty soap, but the high amount of olive oil makes it very gentle for mature skin (Joyce was in her 70's).  And the powdered milk is an easy way to add a little creaminess.

I like to strain the powdered rosehips out of my infusion before weighing the oils, but then put them back in once the oil is the pot for a more intense color.

Enjoy! And if you make some, we'd love to post your photos. Send them to heatherhollandwheaton@gmail.com

Rosehip Soap
Makes 52.7 oz of soap with 7 per cent superfat (weight before cure)

4oz palm kernel oil
7 oz coconut oil
3 oz castor oil

3 tsp powdered milk dissolved in 2 tsp warm water and allowed to cool

12.9 oz water
4.7 oz lye

Put on your goggles and your gloves! Carefully add the lye to the water (NEVER THE OTHER WAY AROUND) and mix until all the lye is completely dissolved. Set aside in a safe place and allow to cool while you melt the oils.
When both the oils and the lye/water are about 90 degrees fahrenheit, slowly add the lye/water to the oils and mix with a stick blender.
When the mixture reaches light trace, add the dissolved powdered milk and fragrance blend and mix thoroughly. Pour into your mold and give it a few careful bangs to get out any air bubbles.  Insulate for 24 to 48 hours (I like to just pop it into my oven with only the pilot light on. I never cook, so it's not like I can't make dinner because there's soap in the oven)
When the soap is hard, unmold, cut and let it cure in a well-ventilated area for 4 to 6 weeks. Because there's so much olive oil in this, I think the longer it cures, the better it gets.

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  1. the rosehip powder is not irritating anymore in soap? I have now some rosehip infusing in sunflower oil and of course I wouldn't throw them away after infusing.


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