Meet Sammy

Name: Sammy Ungerer

Age: 34

Occupation: Manager of Leaves of Grass. Author of Effervescent Rainbow.

Residence: A one bedroom apartment on 44th Street that he's converted into a two bedroom. He rents the second bedroom out to a succession of "scary roommates who can't grasp simple concepts like keeping the spice rack alphabetized."

Originally from: "You don't want to know. Let's just say upstate New York."

Relationships: Michael--his Sometimes Boyfriend. They're either breaking up or getting back together.

Favorite Possessions: His collection of bowties, his fake horn rim glasses and his electronic cigarette that he's nicknamed Captain Smokey. Sammy can change the color of his 'electronic cherry' to suit his mood or coordinate with his clothes.

Hobbies/Other Interests: His moss and succulent rock garden in The Hell's Kitchen Community Garden, cooking, collecting vintage clothes, writing the Great American Gay Novel.

Favorite Soap that Haley Makes: Red Wine and Tobacco Leaf.

A Few Words from Sammy:
"Have you read my book, Effervescent Rainbow? If not, you should. You can buy a copy at Leaves of Grass. I've been working at the bookstore forever. Seriously, not an exaggeration. It's the first job I got when I moved to NYC a thousand years ago. I answered an ad in the Village Voice.  Haley's dad, Alan hired me on the spot.

It's not Haley's fault that Leaves of Grass isn't doing well. People just don't buy books the way they used to. Don't tell Haley this, but I haven't read a 'real' book in over a year. I read everything on my tablet. It's so convenient.

I hope she can save the store. I'm doing everything I can to help. Believe me, I don't want to look for another job—and God knows I can't survive on my book royalties. I just hope Haley doesn't get distracted by Joyce's murder. Or that Detective Raspberry—I mean Detective Randazzo. Although he is quite a hunk." 

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