Soap Singles—a How-To and a Giveaway

Heather Holland Wheaton is busy working on Deathbed of Roses, so I'm filling in. Just because I'm a fictional character doesn't mean I can't post on a blog—and I'm not the only fictional character doing this—just check out Killer Characters. Expect to see a bunch of posts from me—and Sammy, Maggie and maybe Socrates—although he's a fictional dog—I'm not sure how that's going to work.

Anyway, on with my post.

I don't know about you, but I HATE using the liquid soap found in public restrooms. It dries out my hands and smells so…institutional. And I refuse to use antibacterial lotion that makes you smell like you just downed a couple shots of cheap gin—and also does a nasty number on your skin.

So I've started making what I call Singles—just enough soap for one delightful hand washing that I can take with me anywhere. And they're super easy to make.

Just use a vegetable peeler and peel curls off from the small end of a soap bar.

If you do this with freshly made/freshly cut soap when it's still soft, you can roll the curl around a bamboo skewer and make a little soap bead. This is incredibly labor intensive, but the end result is cute and you can fit more Singles into a smaller container.

I carry my Singles in a silver tin that I found at a 99₵ store—but Altoids containers work well too. Upcycle!

Singles also make great guest soap. I keep a dish of them in the bathroom at Maxwell's. Derrick, the UPS guy loves them.

Heather and I are giving away tins of Soap Singles (in assorted fragrances) to five followers of The Haley Maxwell Soap Making Mysteries.

If you're already a follower, just send an email with the subject 'Gimme Singles' to HeatherHollandWheaton@gmail.com by midnight March 7th, 2014. We'll randomly choose five winners and announce who they are on March 8th.

If you're not a follower, just sign up with one of the handy gadgets on the right.

That's all for now—looks like Heather has me scheduled to go to Joyce's Costello's funeral.  Being a fictional character, I can't say no.


  1. Hello again! Love these! Our office building just changed out the institution soap in the bathrooms. The stuff is horrible! Feels like alcohol foam with no soap feel to it. My friend and I were discussing options. These look perfect! Too bad I missed the contest deadline by a few years LOL.


  2. Heather Holland WheatonMarch 28, 2016 at 6:53 PM

    Hello again back to you! I love getting comments and hearing what readers think.

    What is the deal with that bulk soap everybody uses now? It's worse than floor cleaner. Soap Singles are fab. And I bet if you made some, you'll be the sweetheart of the office and everybody will buy you lunch.


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